Issue Date: May 1, 2014

Upcoming Training Opportunities


The CTL News will be on summer vacation . . . just like you!

Summer training opportunities for Canvas, EDGE, Open Lab, etc.,
will be announced in the Daily Growl.

The CTL News will, however, be back in August . . . just like you!

Reverse Transfer: A Problem of Tracking

By Bob Wood, Published April 11, 2014
Transfer programs that retroactively give former community college students credit for education completed at a four-year college are increasingly popular, but tracking students through the process is a challenge.
In 2012, Michigan passed an education funding bill that required the state’s 15 public universities to participate in reverse-transfer programs with at least three of the state’s community colleges by January 2013. The legislation was widely hailed as well intentioned: As the focus on campuses shifted from access to success, transfer students needed a way to effectively link credits from prior educational experiences.    Read more...

Something for your students . . . 

How to Graduate College with a Job You Love & Less Debt
Jullien Gordon at TEDxMidwest

Tech Tips

SIS Final Grades

As the semester comes to a close, wishing you all a wonderful, fun-filled summer!  Attached you will find a handout on how to submit Final Grades in SIS.  Final Grades are due May 9th at 5:00.

Click here to view/download the Final Grades Submitting Instructions.


Did you know…  Internet Explorer versions older than 10 will not be supported by Canvas beginning May 24, 2014?  As of that date, users who visit Canvas using an older version of Internet Explorer will not be able to log in.  Instead, the user will see a message prompting them to use a newer browser and linking to the Canvas Guides article on supported browsers  Canvas recommends using the latest two versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.