Wednesday, December 11, 2013

OneClick Digital and the Medrano Project: OER as Content, OER as Pedagogy

At the library reference desk, one of the most frequent questions that cash-strapped students ask is whether we have a copy of a textbook that they can check out.  Library reserves — where instructors place a copy of the textbook that students can use for hours at a time — provide some relief.  However, not all instructors use reserves, and check-out periods can be limiting.

Today, open educational resources (OER) offer hope for substituting expensive content with that which is digital and free. But, in an age of 2.0 millennial learners, are there possibilities beyond cost reduction? This is a question we pondered in spring 2010, when the Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) Business Division urgently approached the two of us (faculty librarians Sheila Afnan-Manns and Kandice Mickelsen) seeking a "free" solution for a summer early-start program with no textbook budget.                                                                     Read more...