Friday, February 28, 2014

Tech Tips

Reminder:  Turnitin, the web-based utility that helps faculty and students assess the originality of student work is available.

The best place to begin is to self-enroll in the MCCD Turnitin Canvas course.  This course includes a wealth of training materials and resources to help you get started.   Please visit to enroll in the course.
If you are using Turnitin within the Canvas LMS environment, see the following helpful documentation

Canvas Faculty usage guide            How do I Enable a Turnitin Document?
How do I Set a Course Submission Comment          Troubleshooting Submission Errors

Canvas Student Usage Guide            How to View Results           How to Submit a Document

If you would like to use Turnitin outside of Canvas; please visit:
You must use your official PVCC email to obtain an account. After receiving your institution ID and password go to to create an account. A "how-to" video is available on how to create an account by viewing the following URL:


Did you know…  Instructors can now enable, (through the Gradebook gear icon), a notes page where general notes can be inserted for each student. The Notes column is not visible to students. Click Here to learn more.