Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tech Tips

Compressing PowerPoint 2010 Slideshows

Compressing Media Files
  1. Launch PowerPoint 2010 and open the slideshow presentation you would like to compress.
    Note: The “Compress” options will only show if the presentation has media.

  2. Click File > Info and then click Compress Media button. Select from the following options:

    • Presentation Quality - Saves space but maintain overall audio, video quality.
    • Internet Quality - comparable to media streamed on internet.
    • Low Quality - Use when space limited, i.e., sending via email or uploading to Canvas Learning Management System.
……. Compressing Pictures
  1. Double-click the picture you want to compress, which launches the “Picture Tools” menu.

  2. Click Compress Pictures on the Picture Tools menu. Select from the following options:

    • Apply only to this picture
    • Delete cropped areas of pictures
    • Print – excellent quality on most printers and screens
    • Screen – good for web pages and projectors
    • E-mail – minimize size for sharing

Note: Test the presentation, and if necessary, you can always “undo” the compressed file.


Did you know…  Internet Explorer 9 Canvas support is ending May 24, 2014.  Internet Explorer versions prior to version 9 will not be able to log into Canvas.  See document for additional details.