Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tech Tips

Faculty are required to certify enrollment on the census date (45th Day) of semester.  The information must be stored by the colleges for a length of time specified by records retention requirements.  The 45th Day Certification is an electronic process that takes place completely within the SIS system.
See attached for instructions.

Did you know?… You can customize the courses you want to show in your Canvas Course drop-down menu.  The Canvas Course list functionality has been changed to allow all users (students and faculty) to more easily manage their Canvas courses.  Using the new star icons to mark favorites, users can view all their courses and select which courses to display in the drop-down menu.  Your course(s) that are marked as a ‘favorite’ will correspond to your Courses drop-down menu, Canvas Conversations Inbox menu and Calendar menus so it is worth taking the time to customize your course list each semester!  Click Here for more information.