Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tech Tips

Did you know you can take screenshots with Word 2010?
To take a screenshot, select the Insert Tab on the ribbon, and in the Illustrations Section click on Screenshot. You’ll be presented with Available Windows, which are the active ones on your desktop. Or you can get your own shot by clicking Screen Clipping. The image is put directly into the document and the Picture Tools tab is opened to edit the image further if you want.

Did you know?… The Assignments link no longer appears in Canvas Global Navigation Menu. Data has shown that the majority of users already navigate to courses before assignments, meaning they prefer to look at assignments in the context of the course. Users can access all of their assignments by clicking “Assignments” in the course left-hand navigation menu, as well as by clicking the Calendar link and then clicking Agenda. Assignments can also be linked throughout the course and added to Modules. Click here for more details about the 9/27/14 updates.