Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Trouble with Consistency, Revolutionize Education, and Syllabus Critique

By: Maryellen Weimer, PhD
Faculty Focus, Teaching Professor Blog, 12/11/13 
This Will Revolutionize Education
I’ve started to notice a couple of consistencies in our instructional practice that concern me. First, there’s the consistency in practices across courses, regardless of level. I mentioned in a previous post that I didn’t think capstone and other upper division courses should have the same policies as first year courses. It seems to me that if we still have to hammer students about deadlines, use points to get them participating, and offer detailed descriptions of civil discourse, students have not learned some very important lessons in their earlier courses.
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Fall 2014 STUDENT CRITIQUE SYLLABUS PROJECT  -  The CTL has asked faculty to submit their syllabus for student critique and feedback. We had a very successful turnout! On Dec. 2nd, Carolyn Miller hosted the event with 9 students critiquing 27 syllabi submitted for review.  Faculty who participated received detailed feedback.  Click here for a summary of the interesting results.
We will host these critiques periodically, so faculty, please consider participating in the future!