Thursday, January 22, 2015

Multi-Aspects of What Makes Success

  • Aspects to what makes a successful person successful is wide, we all know that.  What is considered to be successful is just as wide.  Here are a couple of articles that may be helpful to keep in mind when thinking about success, whether it be for yourself, your students, or anyone.

Daily Genius, Business • Education, by Jimmy Leach

What does it take to be smart and successful?  And can you adopt those traits to become successful yourself?  Setting goals and reading is one thing, having a high IQ is another.  Perhaps the harder thing is to avoid the bad habits of unsuccessful people – so don’t drink; don’t stay up late and don’t lose your virginity.   Hang on, who is defining success here?  Read more . . .

  • With all the talk about empathy recently, it’s hard to imagine empathy being anything but beneficial. But while your students and others are striving to reach their goal, they may - and probably will - experience a failure or a few before they find their right niche that works.  We humans often will "feel their pain," and that's good, but can too much empathy actually be a hinderance?

Five Reasons You Should Be Less Empathetic
Big Think by Steven Mazie

In an essay at the Boston Review, Yale psychologist Paul Bloom takes unlikely aim at empathy.  He attacks empathy not because it’s impossible to feel other people’s pain—he thinks we can, in fact, experience the plight of another person—but because such a state of mind does a disservice to both the empathizer and the individual on the receiving end and fails to make the world a better place.  Here are five reasons not to shut off your empathy receptors entirely (if that were even possible) but to moderate the work they do in your relationships and your life.
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