Friday, January 30, 2015

Tech Tips

New procedure to register for a PVCC training sessions:

  1. Log into HRMS Here
  2. Access the "Request Training Enrollment" page in HRMS
  3. Use "Search by Course Number" to locate ###### (You can also search by Course Name, Date, etc.)
  4. Select "View Available Sessions" and choose a session
  5. Click "Continue" and then "Submit" to complete the registration process

See attached document.


Did you know…….Canvas has added a filter in the Conversation area to allow users to view comments posted on assignment submissions. Often overlooked, assignment submission comments are when an instructor or student comments on their work within the grading/assignment window. Features of this new inbox filter include:
  • Clear indicators for each message (name of the user, the time the message was sent, and the number of messages in the conversation).
  • A manual marking of read or unread comments.
  • Messages can also be filtered by course. Reply options from the inbox that are also posted to the assignment grading/submission areas.
Click the following links for more information.

unnamed.pngFiltering Conversations

Replying to Submission Comments