Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tech Tips

iPhone or iPad      You can grab a picture of the screen on your iOS device by holding the sleep/wake button on the top (actually this has been moved to the side on the iPhone 6), and then quickly pressing the “home” button on the front. If the volume is turned on you will hear a camera shutter noise, and the screen also flashes. The picture is put in your “Pictures” collection.

Canvas Corner

Did you know . . .  Canvas Quizzes has an updated design that enhances the details of quiz statistics? Instructors can view an entire quiz summary that shows all score percentages. The quiz summary also shows the quiz average score, high score, low score, standard deviation (how far the values are spread across the entire score range), and average time of quiz completion. The quiz summary chart is interactive; users can focus on a specific segment of the chart by selecting a range with their cursor, such as viewing the number of students who scored between 0 and 50 percent.
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