Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ten Tips for More Efficient and Effective Grading

By Victoria Smith, PhD and Stephanie Maher Palenque, Faculty Focus, Feb 2, 2015

Many instructors dread grading, not just because grading takes up a sizable amount of time and can prove itself a tedious task, but also because instructors struggle with grading effectively and efficiently. However, effective grading does not have to take inordinate amounts of time, nor does one need to sacrifice quality for speed. The following tips can help instructors grade more effectively while enhancing student learning.

  1. One and Done:   Mention the error and explain how to correct it once. If the error occurs subsequent times, highlight the word(s) or sentence and/or use the comment balloon in Microsoft Word’s Track Changes to draw attention to the error succinctly.  For example, if a student uses second person in an essay, the instructor might compose the following comment the first time the error appears:

Avoid addressing the audience directly as it can come off as accusatory. Use words like “one,” “individual,” etc.   Read more for the other 9 tips . . .

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