Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rabbits, Ducks, and Professional Development

By Matt Reed, Inside Higher Ed, Feb 22, 2015

Remember that famous drawing that’s either a rabbit or a duck, depending on which you first decide? Professional development is like that. People who think it’s a rabbit have a hard time seeing the duck, and people who see the duck have a hard time imagining the rabbit. The rabbit/duck divide is most pronounced when the professional development in question is for faculty. Neither the rabbit view nor the duck view is wrong, exactly, but it’s easy for people to talk past each other when each group assumes that its view is obviously correct.

Keep in mind that I’m writing in the context of teaching-intensive institutions. I grant without hesitation that the picture may look very different at, say, research universities.  Read more . . .

Trends, Tools and Tactics
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by Kevin Honeycutt