Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tech Tips

While working on a Windows PC,  you have many windows/programs open on your screen and you need to quickly get to your desktop. Click the Show Desktop Button at the end of the task bar next to the date and time. To restore minimized windows, click the Show Desktop Button again.

Canvas Corner   Important Canvas Announcement

Canvas' new Support Community ( ) launched April 15! What does this mean to you? The single most important takeaway from this is any current links to Canvas Guides will no longer work after June 30. If you have linked to Canvas materials to help students get started with how to do something in your course related to Canvas, you will need to update those links to the new community links. Instructure will have redirects in place for the links until June 30, but after that time the redirects will no longer work. Please contact Linda Lawson or Carolyn Miller if you have any questions.