Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tech Tips

Are you switching or upgrading your computer? You might loose your web browser's bookmarks. Here are the links to show how to backup and reload your bookmarks.

Safari (Mac):  Export and Importing Bookmarks (This also works for Safari 8)
Firefox:  Manually Backing up and Restoring Bookmarks
Google Chrome:  Importing or Exporting Bookmarks
Internet Explorer:  Importing and Exporting Favorites Folder

Canvas Corner

There is a change in the process for privacy/security review of contracts. This includes any LTI, (Learning Tools Interoperability), which is basically an external app function installed in Canvas. This includes most of the textbook publisher's products, Cengage Now, MindTap, SAM, MyLabs, MathAS, and many more. This will apply to any LTI, that needs "Public" access to which an outside entity will or may have access and exposure to MCCCD's data and information. It is important that if you use one of these products, a contract is in place. We have already completed many of the contracts so we are on our way. Please contact Linda Lawson to verify the product you are using has been vetted.