Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tech Tips

How to snip (capture) a portion of your screen or document:
  • PC - Click the Windows Start button, type “snip” in the Search Bar (this will bring up the Snipping tool). Then simply position the + and drag it to capture a portion of your screen.
  • Mac - Press the Command + Shift + 4.
Click Here to learn more about screen capturing.

Canvas Corner
Did you know… when you Drop or Withdraw a student from from your course, they will be removed from the associated Canvas course. If an Incomplete is given, the student will remain in the Canvas course until a grade is assigned. The change occurs once the system has had time to process this change in registration, typically one day. Make sure you backup any data you need for that student prior to submitting the grade in SIS.
  • Click HERE to see how to download bulk assignment submissions.
  • Click HERE to see how to download Grades.
  • Click HERE for information on downloading Quiz results.
  • Click HERE for Survey results.