Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tech Tips

Is the space in your Gmail Inbox filling up? Over the years, mail tends to build up, making it hard to locate what you’re looking for. Luckily cleaning up your Gmail inbox isn't a challenge, thanks to some of Gmail's own tools. Type Larger:10M in the search bar and press Enter. This will find emails taking up more than 10MB.of space. You can select and delete the emails you don’t want and experiment with different file sizes. Type Before:YYYY/MM/DD to specify a cutoff date.

Gmail provides you with another way to to dleted groups of emails with built-in filters. Click on the downward pointing arrow at the right corner of the search bar, and you will see the advanced search, which lets you apply filters in a simple menu.

Canvas Corner

Did you know . . .  Canvas' new Community launched April 15! The Canvas Community replaces the previous Canvas support site. All the resources, (guides, videos, forums, feature discussions, CanvasLIVE) will be located there permanently June 30th. This new community is a place where users can connect and interact with Instructure and with each other to discuss and share best practices, ideas for new Canvas features, and join community groups of practice and interest, including institutions, geographies, roles (e.g. teachers, instructional designers), and other common interests. Check out the new Canvas Community. Click Here learn how to search the site.