Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Goodbye Everyone!

For those of you who were wondering who's behind this CTL News, one of the team would be me, Zosia Pijanowski, as publisher of this newsletter and Office Coordinator in the CDL and CTL departments. And I'd like to say Goodbye, Take Care, and Thank You (to MCCCD) for a wonderful career... as I am retiring this Thursday. After leaving my job at Northeastern University in Boston and moving to Phoenix in 1988, I started my path with GWCC as Secretary in their Health and Nursing programs; that was when I still talked like a Bahstonian. Following this, I've met so many great people, many who have become my personal friends, and with whom I've shared awesome (and some rather interesting) experiences while working at District (Employee Development), EMCC (Marketing), GWCC again (for VP Admin Svcs), PC (Massage Therapy), and finally at PV (IRTS, CDL, CTL). 

Although I've enjoyed all my positions in various ways, I'll have to admit my biggest pride and joy (and legacy I hope), while on an employee internship, was the restructure of PC's Therapeutic Massage program schedule to include a massage clinic open to the public. Having gone through the program as a student myself in the evenings in the mid-2000s, massage has been my second career ever since. Over time, holistic health has grown into a passion. So now as I exit from one old friend (MCCCD), I'm joining in with a new one as I'll be working as a massage therapist at a local Scottsdale health club. But I'm reminded of a poem a dear friend gave me when I moved from Boston:
Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver, the other gold.