Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pathways for CHANGE:

                            6 Theories about How Policy Change Happens.
Taken from: Sarah Stachowiak, Organizational Research Services.

You are the teacher, the "leader" in your classroom. As a leader, the creation and follow-through of policies in your class are up to you.  As an institution goes through changes (as ours is right now), incorporating those changes yet still maintaining your leadership with your students is a skilled balance.

Most Americans learn something about the policy process in high school civics class: an idea becomes a bill, elected officials vote on it, and—if all goes well—the bill gets enacted into law. However, knowing the specific steps for ideas to become laws does not tell us much about how to promote policy change successfully or why certain policies move forward and others do not. That is where theories come into play. Theories can help unlock the inner workings of the policymaking process to explain how and why a change may or may not occur... Read more.

000 What defines a leader? According to Bob Farrell...

"Leaders are those who SERVE the people who SERVE the customer."

The Leadership Pickles
by: Bob Farrell