Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tech Tips

Google Calendar Notifications - Putting events and appointments into your Google Calendar won't do you much good if you forget about them when the time comes. That's why Google Calendar can send notifications, in the form of emails or SMS text messages, to remind you about upcoming and imminent appointments. It can even alert you when an event is canceled, or if the details are changed. To tweak your notification settings, click the gear, and then click Settings. Select the Calendars tab, click Reminders and Notifications, and edit the setting to suit your preferences. Please click here for more information.

Canvas Corner

Did you know... you can email students from within Canvas? How-to Canvas Guide - Please click here;
  1. Go to the “Inbox” at the top of the Canvas screen.
  2. From the drop down menu, select the course you want to email.
  3. Choose whom you want to email (all students, all teachers, groups).
Hint: to view sent email go to the “Inbox” dropdown menu and select “sent”. This is where you will see all sent messages.
Reminder: You cannot send messages to your students until your course is published.