Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tech Tips

Please prepare yourself for the deletion of old courses. Beginning the end of September, old courses will be removed from your Canvas course list. The LMS Core agreed to keep the last 5 semester that are generated by SIS. Currently, this will not impact manually created courses such as "Dev" or MCCCD training courses. However, we are asking that you review your courses and request those courses you are no longer using to be removed. The reason: the amount of data being used by courses not in use or no longer necessary will free up space on servers and possibly reduce costs. Please notify Sam, Linda, or Carolyn on best practices before deleting your own courses.

Canvas Corner

Did you know... The Gradebook Individual View allows instructors to assess one student and one assignment at a time? If you are not familiar with the settings and other options in the Gradebook, click the feature links throughout this lesson to learn more about how the feature works in Default View. Once you switch the Gradebook to Individual View, the Gradebook will always display in Individual View until it is switched back to Default View. Please click here for more information.