Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Why Assessment?

Taken from: Uconn.

Assessment is essential not only to guide the development of individual students but also to monitor and continuously improve the quality of programs, inform prospective students and their parents, and provide evidence of accountability to those who pay our way.”
-- Redesigning Higher Education: Producing Dramatic Gains in Student Learning by Lion F. Gardiner; ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report Volume 23, No. 7, p. 109

Educational assessment seeks to determine how well students are learning and is an integral part of the quest for improved education.  It provides feedback to students, educators, parents, policy makers, and the public about the effectiveness of educational services.” 
-- Knowing what students know: the science and design of educational assessment Committee on the Foundations of Assessment, Center for Education, Division on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National Research Council; James Pellegrino, Naomi Chudowsky, and Robert Glaser, editors, p. 1 Read more...