Thursday, October 22, 2015

Effective Ways to Communicate With Students

Taken from: Ministry of Education, Guyana. 

Finding a way to communicate with your students is more than half the battle of getting them to listen and learn. You can have a lifetime of experience and knowledge, but it will not make a difference to kids unless you can effectively interact with them.
  • Face to Face - Face-to-face communication is important to people of all ages, but especially true of children and teens. When you make eye contact, your are signaling that you think they are very important and deserving of your attention.
  • Youth Talk - If you are a teacher, then you are probably familiar with many youth expression and slang. While you don't necessarily have to converse in this language, allow your students to do so as long as the language is appropriate.
  • On Their Level - Assume a posture of informality instead of standing over students, which may make them feel intimidated and less likely to be forthcoming in a discussion. Read more...