Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tech Tips

Chrome Browser Tip – When you want to move or close multiple tabs at once; hold down the Shift key and click each of their titles at the top of the browser. Thus, they'll all be selected; you can then drag them out to a new window together, or close them all simultaneously by pressing Ctrl-W (Cmd-W on a Mac)

Canvas Corner

Originality Reports Not Generating in Canvas: MCCCD - Turnitin Portal.  The Turnitin integration within Canvas is not currently working; Turnitin-enabled assignments are not generating originality reports. Instructure is aware of this issue.  They are actively working with Turnitin on the solution and hope to have a fix deployed to Canvas on October 31.  If you need to individually check students' work, please contact your local Turnitin administrator (or Canvas administrator who can put you in contact with your Turnitin administrator) for instructions on how to access Turnitin outside of Canvas.