Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tech Tips

FMS Tip - Travel Per Diem Rates are based on the city, not the state. Here is the State of Arizona site that Maricopa uses to determine per diems, please click here to see it. You will need a per diem line for every day of your travel. Do not use the “do not include” meal option on your Travel Authorization, you will adjust the meal costs in the Expense Report when you return.

Canvas Corner

Did you know… That an automatic timeout feature has been enabled in Canvas? A user will be automatically logged out of the system after 59 minutes of inactivity. At this time activity is limited to “clicks” on a given page, assignment, quiz, message, or any other area in Canvas. Typing or entry of text is not considered activity. Please take precautions to regularly save your work and maintain activity through page clicks. Please share this information with your students.