Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tech Tips

Faculty Center - Grades - Although it may not appear that your grades have been “submitted,” clicking Save is all that is required to submit your grades. Grades are posted to the students’ records through an automatic overnight process. You can verify this has occurred by viewing your grade roster the next day. You will see the posted grade in the Official Grade column, and you will no longer be able to change the grade from your online grade roster. Once grades are posted, changes must be made by submitting a paper grade change form to the Admissions and Records office. Please see the attached document for additional details.

Canvas Corner

Important – Did you know… after the last assignment of the semester is graded in your Canvas course, and BEFORE you enter final grades in SIS you should: 1) verify the accuracy of the grades in the grade book, 2) archive the grade book by downloading it to your computer, AND 3) download assignment submissions and quiz or survey statistics. This will be your final opportunity to easily download your students’ assignments and retrieve a full statistical analysis of quizzes and surveys. Please see the attached document for more end of the semester Canvas tips.