Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Help Students to Study Smart for Final Exams:

Helping student's to prepare and begin studying well in advance for their upcoming final exams, is the topic for this week's CTL newsletter.  Please pass along these two resources to your students, which will hopefully encourage them to create a plan for their studying, rather than to cram it all in the night before the final exam.  A well organized study plan will not only inspire student's to be in control of the outcome of their education, but it also holds true to the focus of our learner-centered campus here at PVCC.  Additionally, as we all know, frequent, repeated exposure to the materials well in advance of the test, reinforces long-term learning. It's never to early, or late, to encourage good study habits and organization in students!  Please click here for 8 Ways to Help Students Develop a Study Plan.  If you are ever in need of assistance with alternative ways of assessing students' understanding, please stop by the CTL we are happy to help!