Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It is Time to Reflect

As the semester comes to a close and we administer the student course evaluations, it is time to reflect upon what worked and what didn’t, our successes and our flops. During this sometimes-painful process, it is helpful to remember that not all teaching strategies and learners are going to intertwine in a perfect union to achieve the well-timed, desired results. The hope is that our tried and true techniques work on all students, in the same way to achieve the same result, but this is not always a reality.

While it is fresh in our minds, we should resolve to dissect the results, compare them to prior semester’s, analyze the various contributing factors at play, and resolve to integrate changes next time round. In doing so, we are proactively improving the courses we teach and the students we change, as is the goal here at Paradise Valley Community College. Enjoy this well-deserved break and remember that the CTL is open for extended hours throughout the summer, and we are here to assist you in any improvements you would like to make to your course for the fall semester.

Please click here for a new twist on end-of-semester evaluations, and here for “I Tried It and It Didn’t Work!” And if you are ever in need of assistance with alternative ways of assessing students' understanding, please stop by the CTL we are happy to help!