Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Congratulations to Maribeth Marquard - Teacher of Excellence Recipient Spring 2016

Instructor: Maribeth Marquard- Teacher of Excellence
Student: Erin Cooper

* What class does your instructor teach? 
   Math 140

* Why are you selecting this Instructor?Maribeth Marquard, provides great effective leadership and this is why I am selecting her. Her style of teaching is shown through ways that meet every student’s learning style. She is learner centered!

* Please describe those personal and leadership characteristics that you believe make this person deserving of the “Teacher of Excellence award”?Her teaching style and integrating her life experiences into math, is amazing. To me, this makes learning relevant and interesting.

* Any other Comments/Stories you’d like to make or share?She is one of the most interesting teachers I have ever had. Her style is very unique compared to any other as she makes the class “laugh out loud” with adding her personal touch and integrating life experience stories into learning math. Not only do we discuss Math in her class, but we also get an understanding of her personal interests, including her love for animals. The students are engaged… and more with this class and each other than I ever saw before. Thank you for being a great instructor, Maribeth!