Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Last Week of The Semester

As we embark upon the last week of the semester, we can all agree that students and professors alike have itchy feet, spring fever and are ready for the summer break. Regardless of upcoming summer plans, we want to be mindful that we finish out our courses for the semester on a high. Please view the article for suggestions in making your last class sessions influential, informative, and conclusive, to help your students finish strong. Also, please view the video for final self-assessment tips, to determine your students' level of understanding, the need for review and aligning them for success during finals week. Lastly, please pass along these two FREE tech savvy resources for creating online flashcards for students, so that they can study anywhere! When students access the site on their smart device, they have the ability to create their own flashcards, or they can search by subject to utilize a bank of pre-made flashcards. Both sites are useful tools when reviewing for finals!
ArticleThe Last Class Session: How to Make It Count
Resources to Pass along to students: Study Stack, and Study Blue