Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Why the CTL was recognized for the Cultural Competency and Agility in the Workplace Award

  • Developed a workshop titled Digital Citizenship. Today, we have to be aware of cyber-bullying, fraud, privacy and security. This workshop is an effort to educate our community and staff on how to keep safe when online.
  • We have created a course (based on a framework from district and Glendale’s DRS Center) titled Accessibility DRS101. This course focuses on faculty who might want additional information on students with exceptional needs. It provides a brief overview of the law and requirements within an educational setting. It also provides some basic understanding of accommodations, modifications, and supports available to faculty. Anyone with the course link can self-enroll and navigate through the course at their own pace.
  • We created and added a discussion to our Adjunct On-boarding course called Creating a "Safe Place" for students within the classroom. The goal is to educate our faculty about the importance of belonging to a diverse campus. How to teach students to communicate more effectively with an increased awareness and sensitivity to those around them.

Congratulations to Dr. Carolyn Miller and the CTL!