Thursday, June 9, 2016

Teaching Blogs 2016: How to Benefit Your Students, Your Peers, and Your Pocketbook, by Starting an Educational Class Blog

This article is very helpful for any teacher that uses blogging! Incorporating Your Teaching Blogs into Your Current Teaching Strategy; A good place to start blogging, is within the classes you already teach. By using your blog as a supplement, you can test out different assignments and blog structures to see how students benefit from each variation. Eventually, you will find a combination of online tactics and strategies that improve the richness of your course offerings, decrease your workload, and make the process more enjoyable for all.

A few ways you can enhance the learning environment in your classroom:
  • Find ways to encourage collaboration; each week, consider linking to an important article that you believe your students would find valuable. Assign a comment on the article to every student. Some students may comment on the article itself, other students may comment on other comments, providing a dissenting opinion or thoughtful alternative. This is just one more way to encourage collaboration within the classroom environment. Read More...