Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tech Tips

Office 2016 - Tell Me
You do not need to be a power user to use the power of Office 2016. Tell Me will guide you to the feature you need, to get the results you want. This built-in search saves time that you would spend looking for a specific feature. You can find the Tell Me dialog box in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Using Tell Me:
  1. At the top of the ribbon, type what you are looking for in the Tell Me dialog box. As you type, possible results display. 
  2. Select the result that applies to your task. For example, when you want to mark your document as confidential, just type “confidential” or “confidential banner” and Tell Me will bring back the Insert Watermark command.
tell me.png

Canvas Corner
Did you know… the Canvas Roll Call tool allows you to quickly and easily record attendance with a list of students and a drag-and-drop seating chart? This feature creates a column in your gradebook worth 100 points. If you want to modify the point value to what suites your course go to Assignments, then Edit the Roll Call Attendance assignment to change the value. Additional instructions here. Tip: If you don’t want your students to be notified every time roll is taken, MUTE the assignment in the Gradebook.