Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tech Tips

The name of the game with Google Drive documents is "collaboration." It doesn't matter if you're all on desktop PCs, Macs, or smartphones, more than one person at a time can work on a document - up to 50 simultaneously. To be part of the collaboration, the document has to have been shared with those people. The owner(s) of the document can set who has edit privileges. For more information Please click here.

Canvas Corner is a web-based service that checks a paper’s originality and helps to prevent plagiarism. When a paper is uploaded to Turnitin, it is compared against all the material already stored in the Turnitin database. This database includes current Internet documents, archived Internet data, periodicals, journals, publications and previously submitted student papers. If there is text in the new submission that matches something already in the database, the matching text will be highlighted in a Turnitin Originality Report. Please click here for more information.