Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Five Ways to Teach Students to Be Learning Centered, Too

Taken from: Carl S. Moore, PhD, Faculty Focus.

Have you ever wondered if your students are as concerned about their learning as you are? If you prioritize student learning, you may be the only person in your classroom with that goal. Learning-centered teachers seek to coauthor classroom experiences with their students, whereas students may seek only to be taught passively. How might you inspire your students to share accountability for their learning? These five considerations can help you teach your students to be learning centered, too.
  • Encourage students to view themselves from a capacities and growth mindset (“I can learn with adequate effort and use of appropriate strategies”), rather than a fixed or deficiencies mindset (“I’m just not smart enough”). For example, instead of accepting a struggling student’s mindset that “I just can’t do math,” the instructor can help the student understand the importance of time and practice. Read More...