Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hidden Talents At PVCC

Recognizing and showcasing an employee who has a hidden talent: Sylvia Fugmann Brongo
Sylvia will be demonstrating her Airbrush Glazing on Greenware on February 25 & 26, 2017 starting from 12pm at ASU Art Museum in Studio 6.  This is their 16th Annual Self-Guided Weekend Tour from 10am - 5pm.  Join this event and show your support to Sylvia!

Questions & Answers from Sylvia:
  1. How long have you had this hidden talent?  High school, college and then professional work ever since. 
  2. When did you know that you liked this hidden talent?  I had Visions of painting pine cones in elementary school around the age of 6. 
  3. Did you take Art classes here at PVCC?  No, I did not take classes here but I am actively involved in Ceramics and glass here at PVCC. 
  4. Have you thought of teaching a class?  Yes, I have thought of teaching, but I have a Bachelor’s degree and I believe to teach takes a Master’s degree. 
Please click here to see Sylvia's site, and here to see ASU's site for more information.

Who knew?   If you or an employee you know here at PVCC has a hidden talent, please email Erin at: with a name, email, and talent.