Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tech Tips

Course distribution lists are available for each course section. To send your entire class an email; open a “Google Gmail Compose” window and start typing, PVC.2017.Spring and it will start populating with suggested completions. The course DL uses the following format. 12345 being changed to your section number. Also available is a COURSE PICTURE ROSTER SEATING CHART. Please click here to access the site.

Canvas Corner

Please see Canvas Semester Start-Up Tips, Canvas Student Guide, and PVCC Student Campus Resources.  

  • Canvas Support - Faculty and students should not call Canvas directly for support.  
  • Contact the Maricopa Community College’s Help Desk at 1-888-994-4433 available 24/7.   
  • Live Chat with Maricopa's Canvas Technical Support by clicking here.  
  • Click here for Maricopa Canvas Support Page.  
  • To check Canvas Status Updates please click here.
  • Faculty and Students may also contact the PVCC helpdesk @ 602.787.7780 or